Watch This Fast-Acting Kid Save His Dad From A Certain Concussion, Future Dental Work

by 4 years ago
kid giants fan saves dad

These days we’re always blaming kids for not having decent attention spans, what with all the games and phones and tablets they’re always on. But in the case of Giants fan John Pizzi it was his dad that wasn’t paying attention when he really should have been.

Thankfully for John’s dad his 10-year-old son brought his glove to the Giants-Phillies game on Sunday and was watching the action on the field instead of doing whatever it was his dad was doing. (The announcers thought he was looking at pretty girls. I think he was trying to score another hot dog to jam into his mouth or maybe a brewski. Guess we’ll never know.)

Said John about his heroics, “I didn’t really see it coming. I stuck my glove out and caught it while my dad wasn’t looking. He turned around, I show him the ball and he starts laughing.”

Bet dad wasn’t laughing when he got home and saw the replay. Bet he went out and bought John something real nice for saving his inattentive ass.

H/T It’s Always Sunny In Detroit

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