Gambler Who Lost $1 Million Due To Boneheaded Kansas Out Of Bounds Play Must Be Absolutely Sick

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One gambler may have suffered the worst bad beat of the year on Monday night due to boneheaded play by Kansas.

Before the game, Kansas was labeled as a 4-4.5 point favorite at most major sportsbooks. It appeared that KU was going to cover the spread at the free-throw line when they had the ball while up 72-69 with 4.6 seconds left.

Unfortunately, the Jayhawks had issues inbounding the ball and turned it over on a bizarre out-of-bounds play.

UNC took the game’s final shot and missed, which led to a KU win, but the Jayhawks failed to cover and infuriated gamblers on the Internet.

The KU out-of-bounds turnover ended up costing one gambler $1 million. Ouch.