Gambler Got Absolutely Crushed After Making Terrible $2K Bet On Cincinnati After Team Was Up 22 Points Against Nevada

Last night, Nevada pulled off one of the greatest comebacks in college basketball history when they came back from 22 points to beat the Cincinnati Bearcats 75-73.


Cincinnati held a 22-point lead at one point in the second half and then went ice cold from the field, going on a field goal drought that would last 4 minutes, 51 seconds. It was the second-biggest comeback in tournament history, behind BYU’s comeback from a 25-point deficit against Iona in the 2012 First Four.

With 11 minutes left in the game, the Cincinnati Bearcats had a 99 percent probability of beating Nevada.

According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, one poor gambler risked $2k to win only $26.65 on Cincinnati while the team was up big in the second half of the game.

Via Darren Rovell

Worst Bet Of The Night: With Cincinnati up 22 on Nevada, a bettor on William Hill’s InPlay app bet $2,000 on the Bearcats to win. If they did win (they didn’t), it would have paid out — you ready — $26.65!!!

Just a horrible bet and terrible beat for this dude to risk all that money just to make $26 bucks. I would have loved to have seen his face when Nevada made that epic comeback last night.

h/t Total Pro Sports