Game Announcer Was Less Than Pleased After Kansas Jayhawks Fans Stormed The Field When The Football Team Won Their First Game 665 Days

If you (like me) just said to yourself ‘Wow, that does not seem like many people at all”, you’d be right.

Not going to lie, they’re “storming the field” looks more like a collection of barbershop quartets rendezvousing in order to have an Anchorman-style street fight. However, good for them storming the field. When anyone breaks a 665 day losing streak, it’s something to celebrate. When your team wins a game after going 12-60 since 2010 and going 0-12 the year before, celebration is mandatory. I’d go as far to say that it’s court ordered. So I’m not sure why the game announcer was so butthurt about the whole thing.

Relax pal. Just because you’re stuck in the booth and aren’t allowed to storm the field doesn’t mean that the kids who just sat through an 0-12 season can’t. If I went 665 days without anything, I’d storm the closest field I could. I could be literally alone and running across an empty field. It doesn’t take away from the accomplishments or the celebration. I think the announcer’s hatred of them storming the field stems from him never having anything worth celebrating. His entire life has been full of unending losses and it hasn’t changed yet.