Best Gatorade Celebration Shower Of All-Time Happened After The Penguins Won The Stanley Cup

by 3 years ago

The Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup on Sunday night with a 2-0 win against the Nashville Predators in Game 6. All of the players jubilantly celebrated their championship, but Matt Cullen was given a special congratulations from his young son.

Cullen is a 19-year NHL veteran who is known as younger Penguins players as their “hockey dad.”

For winning the Stanley Cup, Cullen was treated to a Gatorade celebration shower, but it was not done by his fellow teammates, but rather one of his three sons. And it wasn’t done in typical fashion. Instead, the young boy squirted his dad with Gatorade in the butt. When cameras caught the young Cullen micheviously spraying his pops he sneakily started drinking Gatorade from the bottle like he was an angel the whole time. God bless this kid.

This proves that no matter how famous, how important, or even if you win the Stanley Cup, kids don’t give a shit about their parent’s accomplishments and will take you down a peg.


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