Former Auburn Coach Who Probably Paid Players Illegally Gets Roasted For Take On Paying Players Legally

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  • Former Auburn coach Gene Chizik just offered one of the worst takes of all-time.
  • He is very upset about the current climate of NIL.
  • However, the irony is that he likely did the same thing under the table.
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Gene Chizik spent three years as the head coach at the University of Auburn and made just under $20 million. All of that money came by exploiting the talent of college athletes who were not getting paid — at least, legally.

Now, nine years later, he had the audacity to bash a program for paying its athletes legally ahead of Early Signing Day.

Earlier this month, the University of Texas football program announced a massive plan to pay its offensive line. Each Longhorn offensive lineman on scholarship will receive $50,000 annually for use of their Name, Image and Likeness to support charitable causes.

“The Pancake Factory,” as it is called, will begin in August 2022. The effort is capped at $800,000 per year, which covers 16 scholarship lineman.

The Early Signing Period opened on Monday and Texas has already inked the nation’s top offensive tackle and is in great position to land the top-ranked interior lineman. The NIL deal is working. Recruits want to play for a top program and will get paid $200,000 over four years in the process.

Shocker, right?

Chizik is not a fan.

The 59-year-old SEC Network analyst tweeted his thoughts about the Texas lineman fund on Tuesday night and it might be one of the worst takes of all-time.

To reiterate, Chizik was paid almost $20 million to coach four years at Auburn. And that does not include the salary from the other stops during his coaching career.

His buyout alone was about $8 million.

Using that number, it would take a Texas offensive lineman 160 years (!!) to make the amount of money that Chizik was paid to be unemployed based on the $50,000 a year deal.


It gets even more ironic.

Cam Newton played at Auburn under Chizik. The Tigers came under heavy scrutiny in 2010 for its recruitment of Newton.

An individual purporting to represent Newton was allegedly soliciting a six-figure payment in exchange for his client’s commitment. That is a lot more than $50,000 a year.

College football players have been paid under the table for years, and likely under Chizik’s watch. But now it is legal.

And yet, here Chizik is, comparing offensive lineman getting paid to Americans struggling to feed their children. Ridiculous.

People had all kinds of jokes. Enjoy.