Genius Snowboarder Writes Phone Number on Helmet, Receives Dozens of Naked Photos

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Because he was bored in the Olympic Village on Friday, Russian snowboarder Alexey Sobolev wrote his phone number on his helmet to see if anyone would notice during the qualifier for the men’s slopestyle competition. 2,000 messages and “dozens” of naked pictures later, he had a pretty good answer.

From USA Today:

More than 2,000 text messages were received in the 24 hours since the 22-year-old Russian snowboarder wrote his cell phone number on the back of the helmet he wore during the qualifying round on Thursday.

Most of those messages came from his female fans, and yes, many of the text messages included pictures. Sobolev has saved his favorites.

“It’s really boring in the Olympic Village, you know?” Sobolev said Friday morning.

Nice. NICE.

Sobolev, who was forced by the no-fun police to cover the number with black tape during Saturday’s semifinal run, ultimately didn’t make the finals won by America’s Sage Kotsenburg—but he’ll have plenty of time to console himself with his lovely new phone contacts.

Fun fact: The stunt was actually the second most interesting thing about Sobolev during this Olympics. This guy had the balls to compete with a snowboard designed as a not-so-subtle homage to the jailed political protestors Pussy Riot.

When asked about the board, Sobolev danced around the question. Regardless, the Russian has stones.

[H/T: Daily Mail; Picture: Nathan Bilow, USA Today]

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