Georgia H.S. Football Team Gets Embarrassed After Trying To Assert Dominance With Pregame Staredown

Lee County High School loss Colquitt County Georgia
Jeremy Johnson/DawgsHQ/On3

Although Texas is often talked about as the premier state for high school football, and rightfully so, the state of Georgia gets overlooked. The atmosphere and environment in the Peach State is equally, if not more hostile than those of the Lone Star State.

That notion was on full display as two of the top high school programs in south Georgia got together for a premier matchup on Friday night. Colquitt County hosted Lee County for a battle of undefeated teams.

First and foremost, the Packers took their home-field advantage to the next level. They installed a massive speaker system down in the end zone to pump artificial crowd noise into the stadium and help create a more intimidating environment. That’s certainly something!

And then there was the pregame shenanigans, which resulted in the vistors looking foolish.

The Trojans tried to square-up and intimidate the home team during warmups. They lined up at midfield and stared down the home team as Colquitt County chirped back in their direction before walking back into the locker room.

The confrontation went down more than an hour before kickoff. Had Lee County pulled off the victory, its staredown would have been pretty cool.

But that’s not what happened. At all. Lee County never stood a chance.

Colquitt County went to halftime with a 24-14 lead and went on to win 37-20. The Packers, clearly, were not fazed by the (failed) intimidation tactic.

As a result, the Trojans ended up getting embarrassed. If you’re going to stand there at midfield and talk the talk, you have to walk to walk. Lee County did not walk the walk. They got smacked.