Georgia High School Football Coach Gets Caught Sucker Punching Player

High School Football

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Many of us had great coaches growing up. Some of us, not so much. One Georgia high school football assistant coach set a new low bar over the weekend, as he got caught sucker-punching one of his players.

The incident happened on Saturday in the first quarter of a game between Mays High School and Douglas County High School. And, when you see it, it will truly shock you. Take a look.

Here are more details, courtesy of WTOC Savannah.

An Atlanta Public Schools spokesman said it was a lay coach – someone who coaches while holding a job outside of the education field – who physically assaulted a player. The coach was removed from the sidelines by a police officer and taken into custody.
“A lay coach for Mays High School, who is not a classroom instructor, is in police custody after an incident that occurred on the sideline during the school’s game this afternoon against Douglas County High School,” spokesman Seth Coleman said in a statement. “The lay coach will be charged with simple battery and face administrative charges from the district.”

Yeah, this guy should never coach anything ever again.

Garrett Carr
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