Georgia Southern Linebacker Suspended For Pregame Beer-Chugging Stunt Atop Moving Bus

Georgia Southern bus beer chugging suspended


  • Georgia Southern linebacker Gavin Adcock was suspended indefinitely after chugging a beer atop a moving bus before a football game
  • The senior apologized for the stunt that may have played a role in the team’s head coach getting fired
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Most college students are intimately familiar with the concept of “pregaming,” a time-honored tradition that allows you to not only save a bit of money before hitting the bars but ensures you’ll arrive with a solid buzz you can use as a foundation for the rest of the night.

However, one Georgia Southern football player took the term a bit too literally over the weekend, as linebacker Gavin Adcock decided there was no better way to gear up for Saturday’s contest against Louisiana than chugging a beer while perched atop the school bus transporting the Eagles to the game.

Unfortunately, whatever liquid was contained inside the can did not possess the same magical powers as Michael’s Secret Stuff. Georgia Southern would ultimately lose the matchup by a score of 28-20, and it didn’t take long for head coach Chad Lunsford to find himself out of a job after the team dropped to 1-3 on the season.

It would appear Adcock will also be prevented from doing his job for the foreseeable future, as Yahoo Sports reports Georgia Southern athletic director Jared Benko hit the senior linebacker with an indefinite suspension over the beer-chugging stunt.

To his credit, Adcock resisted the urge to release an apology that reads “I’m sorry I got suspended for being too awesome,” as he posted what seems to be a pretty genuine mea cupla on Twitter with the help of the trusty Notes app.

In other words: Adcock is sorry for partying.

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