Georgia State Coach Ron Hunter Calls Out President Obama For Picking Baylor (Like Everyone Else)

You can forgive Georgia State coach Ron Hunter for being a little fired up after his team’s shocking upset of Baylor, especially considering his son was the one who sank the long-range dagger.

Learning nothing from the Sun Belt title celebration that claimed his ACL, the coach flopped out of his chair like a bass, providing one of the greatest sports moment of the year. He continued his tour of excitement in the locker room, where he took time out to chide President Barack Obama for picking Baylor to advance.

Because, you know, Barry was the only person who thought the No. 3 seeded Bears would win. Everyone else was on Georgia State. That’s why they were such a heavy Vegas favorite.

Easy, coach. The amount of shit Obama would have to put up with had he picked a No. 14 seed would have been unreal. Fox News would have devoted at least 15 minutes to it on every show.

Maybe take a deep breath and savor the win before punching up.