Georgia Tech’s QB Throws One Of The Most Embarrassing Pick-Sixes Of All-Time (Video)

Jordan Yates Interception Touchdown Pick Six Notre Dame

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  • Georgia Tech quarterback Jordan Yates should not have thrown the ball.
  • While getting sacked for a loss, he chose to attempt a pass that resulted in a horribly embarrassing pick-six.
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If you are reading this and happen to be an aspiring college football quarterback, let this be a lesson to you. If you are about to be sacked outside of the pocket, don’t try to get cute.

Throw the ball away — a billion yards out of bounds — or, preferably, just hold on for dear life, take the sack and secure the football. Do not do what Georgia Tech’s quarterback did against Notre Dame on Saturday.

Redshirt freshman Jordan Yates took over on the first offensive possession for the Yellow Jackets. After gaining 25 yards on four plays, Yates did exactly what he was not supposed to do.

On 2nd-and-2, he dropped back into the pocket, felt the pressure creeping in and ran out to the right. As he was being brought to the ground, Yates tried to flick the ball out to his running back in the flat.

Instead, he threw one of the worst interceptions ever. He threw it directly into the hands of the rover, Jack Kiser.

Finding the ball perfectly placed into his out-stretched arms, Kiser went 43 yards to the house. Touchdown Notre Dame.

Here is the terrible play in all of its glory:

To make matters worse, Georgia tech went on to fall behind 24-0. Yates is young, so surely he will learn from his mistake, but yeesh, that was a big mistake that will live forever in infamy.