German Soccer Coach Executes Most Dramatic Flop in History

by 4 years ago


A disagreement during an amateur German soccer matched turned into a pretty compelling acting reel after one of the coaches decided to see how dramatically he could flop.

After provoking the opposing coach with the ol’ finger-in-the-face routine, our aspiring thespian suffers a light poke to the neck. He wastes no time launching into a Kevin Spacey impression, playing to the last row of the theater.

He clutches his neck. His eyes bulge as if he’s seen his own death. He falls to the ground like a sack of lumpy potatoes.

Predictably, his routine is met with skepticism from the other team’s players and coaching staff.

Please join me and the rest of the BroBible staff in wishing this guy a speedy recovery. Considering his flair for the extreme, he’s probably walking around in a full bodycast.

[H/T: Sports Grid]




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