Pirates Pitcher Gerrit Cole Came Within Centimeters Of Losing His Damn Head On A Smokin’ Line Drive

by 3 years ago


As a former pitcher, I’ve seen my life flash before my very eyes on a number of occasions, as more than a few liners have come screaming back at me off of the bat of a hitter that sent my heart racing and my parents into complete and utter shock. I swear I’ve seen the gates of heaven open for me at least once in that split second.

The same thing probably happened to Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Gerrit Cole today, too, as a rocket off the bat of Detroit Tigers’ Jordan Zimmermann nearly decapitated Cole.

Lucky for Cole, he was able to narrowly escape a traumatic head injury and hospital visit by ducking out of the way in the nick of time, with the ball only hitting the bill of his cap.

Talk about good luck and quick reflexes.

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