Gervonta Davis Gets On IG Live From Jail To Call Judge ‘Crazy’

Gervonta Davis at press conference

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Boxing champ Gervonta Davis isn't happy with the judge overseeing his case right now.

Last month, Baltimore Circuit Court Judge Althea Handy sentenced Davis to 90 days of home detention after he pleaded guilty to charges from a 2020 hit-and-run car accident that injured four people.

Davis was eventually sent to jail after the judge learned Davis was spending his home detention at the Four Seasons hotel and then at a $3.4 million penthouse instead of his trainer’s house, which was agreed upon beforehand.

Via Baltimore Sun

Boxing champion Gervonta “Tank” Davis was serving out his home detention sentence for a 2020 hit-and-run at a Four Seasons Hotel and a $3.4 million high-rise penthouse that he bought in South Baltimore, prompting a judge on Thursday to order him to immediately be taken into custody.

Baltimore Circuit Judge Althea M. Handy said she gave permission for Davis, 28, who had been living in Parkland, Florida, to do the house arrest at the home of his longtime coach and trainer, Calvin Ford, in Baltimore. She said she was never asked to change that location.

“The reason I didn’t want him in Florida is because this was not a holiday,” said Handy, who later added that she did not want Davis to be sitting by the pool or hanging out at the spa. “He was serving time. And I was being considerate enough to let him do it on home detention.”

On Sunday, Davis made a phone call from jaill that was streamed on Instagram live because he wanted to tell his story on what happened.

“This judge is crazy dog. Basically, I bought a property. I did everything in my power to listen to my lawyers. She’s mad that I bought a property, that’s why I’m sitting in jail. She said she wanted me to be in an apartment, a one bedroom apartment and my kids couldn’t come visit me and things like that,” Davis said.

“I just wanted to shed light on this situation because I just feel like she’s taking advantage of me and she’s doing stuff that’s not right to me. The things that she’s doing right now is not right, so I had to shed light on this situation.”

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