Giancarlo Stanton Fires Shots At The Marlins During His First Press Conference As A Member Of The Yankees

by 8 months ago

Giancarlo Stanton is a New York Yankee but he doesn’t seem be to happy about the way the New Marlins ownership forced him out of Miami. During his introductory press conference today with the Yankees, Stanton took several shots at the Marlins while telling the fans in Miami to “watch from afar” as the team rebuilds after dismantling its roster.

“We spoke about the direction of the team, “I wanted us to go forward and advance with the pitching staff. I thought our lineup was legit and we needed help with our pitchers, to add and not subtract. The way they wanted to go was subtract.

“It’s almost a guaranteed losing season to take away from that lineup.”

“I would say hang in there,” he said of Marlins fans. ” They’re going to go through some more tough years, but I would advise them not to give up.

“Keep hope. Maybe watch from afar if you’re going to watch.

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