Fans Accuse Giannis Antetokounmpo Of Being A Snitch After He Reportedly Showed Bucks Execs Text Messages Of Superstars Trying To Recruit Him

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Giannis Antetokounmpo recently signed with the Bucks but the way he went about things during contract negotiations is rubbing fans the wrong way.

On Wednesday, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst reported that before signing his huge $228 million contract, Giannis showed Bucks management all the text messages he got from superstar players from other teams who had tried to recruit him during the offseason.


And they discussed the other things, such as how Antetokounmpo had begun feeling the early stages of recruiting from other players in the league. At one point, sources said, Antetokounmpo even showed the Bucks’ management text messages from stars on rival teams who appeared to be beginning their pitch.

NBA fans didn’t like the fact that Giannis “snitched” on his fellow players to management in such a direct manner which could lead to tampering investigations from the league.