Giannis Calls Out KD Like A Supervillain, Says He’ll ‘Teach Him’ How To Win Without Superteam Help

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Giannis Antetokounmpo is probably the best basketball player in the world right now. At least according to NBA All-Stars Jayson Tatum and Donovan Mitchell, who recently said exactly that during a recent sit-down interview (alongside Luka Doncic and Ja Morant) with ESPN’s Malika Andrews.

In addition to his on-court excellence, Giannis has also long been known for his off-court authenticity, like the time he went to Chick-Fil-A and ordered a 50-piece of chicken nuggets to celebrate his first-ever NBA championship.

And luckily for fans, that unabashed authenticity leads to Giannis often unwittingly speaking his mind, such as this WWE-esque moment on The Daily Show on Monday night that saw him look directly into the camera and call out Kevin Durant as a supervillain would.

“You keep joining superteams to win an NBA title. How about we workout together sometime so I can teach you how to carry your own team,” Giannis said.

What Giannis is referencing, of course, is the fact that Durant, once again, finds himself on a new team — a team in the Phoenix Suns that just went to the NBA Finals last season — in an effort to win a ring.

KD was traded to Phoenix from Brooklyn a few weeks ago, where the 34-year-old future Hall of Famer tried to win a title with Kyrie Irving (who was shipped to the Dallas Mavericks). At this time, Durant, who suffered an MCL sprain in his right knew back in January, has yet to make his official debut for the Suns.

Heading into the home stretch of the 2022-23 regular season, the Bucks are currently tied with the Celtics for the best record in the Eastern Conference, while the Suns are currently fourth in the West.

You can check out Giannis’ full appearance on The Late Show — which, in this episode, was hosted by Hasan Minhaj — below:

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