Brian Daboll Receives Warning From Giants Owner After Reaching ‘Rockstar’ Status

Brian Daboll

Getty Image / Tim Nwachukwu

Many believed the New York Giants were in for a tank year last season. Instead, they ended up being incredibly competitive thanks to Brian Daboll’s coaching.

Now, expectations are high for the franchise. However, owner John Mara doesn’t want things getting to Daboll’s head.

While talking with the media, the Giants owner sent a warning to Brian Daboll after reaching “rockstar” status in New York, per Adam Schefter. Here is Mara’s full comment.

It’s not very common for a team owner to send a warning or message like this to their head coach. You could say it’s a bit odd.

On the other hand, that might actually be some of the best advice he could give Daboll. Winning over a New York fanbase could certainly get to somebody’s head.

Especially considering it’s such a big market. But luckily, Brian Daboll doesn’t come off as a guy who allows his ego to take over. If anything, the Giants are likely in good hands with him running the show.

With that said, expectations are going to remain high in New York. After years of scrutiny, the NFC East is finally becoming one of the more competitive divisions in the league.