New York Giants Pull Jason Pierre-Paul’s $60 Million Offer Off The Table After His Fireworks Accident

Yesterday we told you about how Jason Pierre-Paul severely injured his hands on the 4th Of July while playing with fireworks. The timing for the incident couldn’t have been any worse: JPP was up for a big long-term contract valued at $60 million and hadn’t signed his franchise tender worth $14.8 million. Today the Giants are literally adding insult to injury for their star defensive end, with Ian Rapoport reporting the Giants withdrawing their $60 million offer:


Here is an elaboration, via

Given the timing of the event and the apparent judgment displayed, the Giants do not believe a long-term offer is in the best interest of those involved at this point, per Rapoport.

Big Blue’s decision is not expected to alter the current situation, however, since the defensive end was not planning on accepting the deal prior to the July 15 deadline for franchise tagged players to reach extensions.

It appears JPP, 26, is set to play 2015 on the $14.8 million franchise tag. Pierre-Paul has yet to sign the tender.

The Giants are still in the process of doing due diligence to learn the specifics of the injury and any possible effects.

A Giants spokesman told Rapoport: “Our first concern is for JPP’s well-being.

JPP was armed to the teeth with fireworks to celebrate our nation’s birthday, it seems. While we can certainly appreciate his enthusiasm for displays of patriotism, we have to question his stupidity to do something so physically dangerous as a professional athlete with so much money on the line.

He was so excited, too!

Should have that thought one through. Get well soon, JPP.

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