Report: Giants Saquon Barkley Rejects An Offer Worth Up To $14 Million Per Year; Wants This Much More

Saquon Barkley

Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

New York Giants‘ star running back Saquon Barkley has reportedly turned down a lucrative contract offer from the team.

According to a report by Bob Brookover of, the Giants had offered Barkley a multi-year deal worth $12.5 million per season during the bye week of the previous season. However, they sweetened the deal by increasing it to $13 million with the potential to reach $14 million through incentives shortly after the season.

Despite the substantial offer, Barkley and his agent, Kim Miale, reportedly rejected both proposals.

The decision by Barkley and his representation indicates that they have potentially overestimated the running back market and Barkley’s true value in the league. One possible argument they could make is that Barkley was unable to assess his market value accurately since the Giants utilized the $10.1 million franchise tag on him, thereby restricting his ability to test free agency.

Worth noting that Saquon is guaranteed $22.5 million if he plays on back to back franchise tags.

This recent development follows Barkley’s previous attempts to secure a multi-year contract. As reported by Pat Leonard in April, Barkley’s representatives had turned down offers of $12-12.5 million per year in November and January while aiming for a deal comparable to Christian McCaffrey’s contract, which is valued at $16 million per year.

Despite his relatively young age of 26 and impressive physical attributes, standing at 5’11” and weighing 233 pounds, with exceptional speed, Barkley’s position as a running back may be working against him. Running backs have become more replaceable in recent years, and their performance tends to decline rapidly at a certain point in their careers. As a result, teams may be hesitant to invest significant financial resources in this position.

The question now remains whether Barkley will ultimately secure the lucrative contract he desires or if he will choose to sign for a lesser amount with the Giants. The decision carries significant implications for both Barkley and the team, as they navigate the delicate balance between player compensation and long-term roster management.

Barkley’s on-field performance in 2022, his first year under head coach Brian Daboll’s offensive system, was commendable. He recorded 1,650 scrimmage yards and 10 touchdowns, showcasing his versatility and playmaking ability. However, the ongoing negotiations will shed light on how the Giants value Barkley’s contributions and his long-term potential within the organization.

As the situation unfolds, fans and analysts will closely monitor the contract negotiations between Barkley and the Giants. The outcome will not only determine Barkley’s future but also serve as a litmus test for the current market value of running backs in the NFL.