Gilbert Arenas Calls Richard Jefferson A Douche On Live TV While Sitting Right Beside Him

gilbert arenas calls richard jefferson a douche

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You may have seen Gilbert Arenas trending on Twitter on Friday night. Whenever a celebrity or professional athlete you haven’t heard about in a while start trending randomly your mind immediately turns to the worst, but for Arenas he was just clowning on live TV.

During a segment on ESPN’s The Jump, Arenas was sitting beside Richard Jefferson, his former teammate at Arizona. They decided to ask Arenas what Jefferson was like as a teammate and Arenas decided to call him a douche. He was then told not to say that, but then doubled down calling him a douchebag.

Again, the two are sitting two inches from each other.

The best part of this is that Jefferson tells him that Arenas can’t say douche and Arenas seems to take that as he has to pronounce the full term or something and doubles down with douchebag. Just add this to the list of wild Arenas moments over the years.

These two obviously go way back and are good buddies still to this day, so in the end it’s just two guys clowning with each other, but I don’t think the network liked the fact Arenas went with ‘douche’ as how to describe Jefferson.

Then again, Arenas doesn’t hold back whatsoever, so the producers of the show had to realize that he could take his answer 100 different ways. Hell, it could have been a lot worse, probably.