Gilbert Arenas Took To Instagram To Tell Us How He Scammed A Strip Club Out Of $40,000

Gilbert Arenas returned to Instagram in blistering fashion this week, taking a moment to fondly reflect upon the time he scammed a strip club out of $40,000. Now before we go any further, I would first ask: He can’t be this stupid, can he? But we’re talking about the same guy who was involved in a good old fashioned gun stand-off in an NBA locker room.

So, really, who knows.

Here’s a screenshot of the strip club post he put up that has since been taken down, obviously.

In summation, Gilbert would order $80,000 worth of dollar bills, throw down half, leave the club with $40,000, have a teammate sign the bill, and then call Amex the next day to tell them his Black Card was stolen at said strip club and subsequently be reimbursed for all $80,000 — PLUS the $40,000 he already took from the club — because the signature on the bill was not his.

That makes for a nice $120,000 heist, plus all those lap dances he got before leaving. A pretty genius maneuver, no doubt, however most definitely not one to share with your 322,000 followers on Instagram. Some of who may or may not work for American Express.

Speaking of, here’s a live look at Amex customer service combing through the entire history of Gilbert’s Black Card transactions.

And here’s a great, succinct summary of Gilbert’s self-sabotaging post.

Glasses up to the inevitable “HACKED!” from Agent Zero.

[H/T @Lizzs_Lockeroom]

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