Girl Takes Selfie with Allen Iverson at Club and Has No Idea Who He Is

by 4 years ago

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Hey, you can’t hate on this clubgoer for snapping a selfie with Allen Iverson but not knowing who he is. The sun was starting to set on his career like 10 years ago when this girl was probably only in middle school (and presumably not in the Philadelphia area). Now the NBA legend with the sickest cross-over skills in basketball history is little more than a meme to reference when “talking about practice.”

Heck, I’m sure many people this girl’s age have used the line “we talkin’ about practice” without knowing the storied history behind it.

Personally, I’ll never forget the 2000–01 Finals (…one of many lessons in Philly sports history on the futility of getting your hopes up), but I get it: He’s just no longer the public figure he once was.

Here’s to hoping that changes. We’ll all be better with more AI in our lives.


[H/T: Bleacher Report]


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