Girl Reportedly Staying With Johnny Manziel In Mexico Snapchats Pic Holding What Looks Like A LOT Of Drugs

Johnny Manziel’s downward spiral is impressive to say the least. Not only has his father come forward to say he’s a “druggie” and that he hopes he goes to jail, but the troubled former quarterback has now fled to Mexico to…well, I don’t know what his plan is. Definitely not setting himself up for success with a major comeback, as according to TMZ this Snapchat photo from one of the girls staying with him implies that Manziel hasn’t changed his hard-partying ways one bit:

Unsurprisingly, Johnny Fuckin’ Football claims that the drugs are “absolutely not mine” and that “I don’t even know that girl.” To be fair, there’s 20 people staying in the mansion with him and he reportedly doesn’t know all 20 – which begs the question, why the fuck are you letting these freeloaders stay with you?

Manziel is supposedly not doing any drugs while in Mexico and is going stone-cold sober on July 1st in order to begin training again to get back into the NFL…but only time will tell if he sticks to it, or even starts at all.