Check Out the Glassfloor, Which Could Totally Change Indoor Sports

Via Cosby Sweaters:

Described as “the most advanced flooring system in the world” on its website, the ASB Glassfloor could be the future of sports flooring everywhere. The interactive sports floor, made by Germany’s ASB Systembau GMBH, uses a LED lighting system underneath a glass floor to illuminate only the proper lines, markings and boundaries for whatever sport is being played on that court.

It can be set for a variety of different sports, including basketball, volleyball, tennis, squash, handball and badminton. There is also an option to split the court in half, so that two different sports can be played on either half of the same court. In a matter of seconds, the lines and boundaries on the floor can be changed for whatever sport you want to play with the simple touch of a button.


For anyone else who got screwed up by a volleyball line ONE TIME in a high-school pickup game and stepped out of bounds and lost the game as a result… This is a welcome technology. Because screw those fake lines. 

Here's a GIF of how sports is ultimately going to become “Tron:”

[H/T: Cosby Sweaters]