Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis Continued To Take Shots At Kyrie Irving After Irving Suffered Ankle Injury ‘Karma Is A MFer’

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  • Kyrie Irving was forced to leave game 4 against the Bucks with an ankle injury
  • Former Celtic Glenn “Big Baby” Davis implies that Irving’s injury was karma for stomping on the Celtics logo
  • Davis continued taking shots at Irving after receiving backlash from fans over his comments
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Former Celtic Glen “Big Baby” Davis really doesn’t like Kyrie Irving.

Two weeks ago, Davis was critical of Irving for stomping on the face of Lucky the Celtics logo after a Nets win.

On Sunday during game 4 of the Bucks-Nets series, Irving got injured after badly spraining his ankle when he fell awkwardly during a layup attempt.

Davis reacted by implying Irving received karma for stomping on the Celtics logo.

On Monday Davis doubled down and took more shots at Kyrie despite the fact that he received backlash from fans over his comments.

“Everybody mad at me ’cause Kyrie Irving stepped on Lucky and Lucky got his get back, “Don’t get mad at me because Lucky got his get back!”

“Karma is a motherf**ker!!”

“You do right by people, people do right by you and I don’t care if it’s a logo. I don’t even care if it’s a logo! It means something to me!”

“Like, you know what I’m saying, for example, countries that have flags! You go and step on a logo flag, what is that?! That’s disrespect!”

“I played for the Celtics, I’m a Celtic forever!!! So, it don’t matter! It don’t f**king matter! Stop getting mad because your man got weak ankles!”

“His ankles is weak!! His ankles is f**ked up and Lucky got his ass!”

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