Golden State Warriors Fan Took Part In Some All-Time ‘I Don’t Know Ball’ Behavior During Blowout Loss To Lakers

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Getty Image / Aric Crabb

Saturday night was a rough one for the Golden State Warriors and their fans.

Just 1 game after the Warriors bounced back with a dominant performance in Game 2, the team was demolished by the Lakers in Game 3.

The team lost by 30 in a game where they scored their least points of this year’s playoffs and just about everybody struggled except for Andrew Wiggins.

Despite that, there might not have been anybody who put in a worse performance during Game 3 of this Western Conference Semifinal matchup than one Warriors fan in particular.

With just over two and a half minutes left in this game and with the Warriors absolutely getting demolished, a Warriors fan was caught on video counting Golden State’s rings in response to the blowout loss.

This isn’t a particularly great move under any circumstances because it really doesn’t change the fact that Warriors got absolutely embarrassed on Saturday. The fact that this guy felt the need to do this while playing a game at the Lakers just makes it so much worse.

Did the guy not bother to look up at any point during the game? If he had, he may have noticed that there were a whole lot of banners hanging above his head.

There are 17 of them that would have been hanging above him. As a matter of fact, you don’t even have to look that far back to find a timeframe where the Lakers have more rings than the Warriors. They have won 6 in the 2000s.

This fan also seemed to forget that Warriors have actually won 7 rings in the franchise’s history.

Even that number isn’t all that impressive compared to the Lakers. They’ve won 8 since the mid-80s.

Sometimes fans just need to have situation awareness so they avoid embarrassing themselves by doing things like counting Golden State Warriors rings while standing in the home arena of an organization that is tied for the most rings in NBA history.