Fight Reportedly Breaks Out At Korn Ferry Tour Monday Qualifier, Player Gets Arrested, Dad Allegedly Intimidates Others By Wielding Putter

golf fight korn ferry tour qualifier


  • A full-blown fight broke out during a Korn Ferry Tour Monday qualifier, and the details are unbelievable.
  • One player involved in the fight was reportedly arrested.
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Every so often you see a video of a fight breaking out at a golf course, and more often than not alcohol is the driving factor behind the scrap. Well, that doesn’t appear to be the case here as a full-on fight went down between two players and a father-caddie during a Korn Ferry Tour Monday qualifier.

Monday Q Info, the king of all things Monday qualifiers, was doing the Lord’s work in sharing the details on Twitter as he received them, and watching the story hit the timeline in real-time was unbelievably entertaining.

So, here are the absolutely wild details about the fight, according to Monday Q himself at the Fire Pit Collective.

Austen Dailey, Derek Fribbs, and Luke Smith were paired together for the 8:10 tee time. Smith’s dad was caddying for his son, which is an important detail, you’ll find out why shortly.

Fribbs reportedly said that Smith and his dad would not help Dailey or himself look for errant tee shots early on in the round and they also failed to put the pin in the hole after putting out. Then, things came to a head on the Par 3 seventh.

Dailey apparently missed the green left and was having trouble finding his ball. Fribbs went over to help Daily find it while the Smiths allegedly did not. It’s one thing not to look for your playing partner’s ball if they spray it one way on a Par 4 or Par 5, but on a Par 3, it’s pretty standard practice to help out.

After the hole, Dailey reportedly told the Smiths that if they would help find shots it would result in faster play. The father-son duo didn’t like that comment too much as Luke allegedly responded by jumping on Dailey and throwing punches. Fribbs tried to break up the fight, but Smith’s dad allegedly waved a putter in his direction keeping him from splitting Smith and Dailey up.

The golf staff arrived and reportedly asked Dailey if he wanted to press charges to which he responded by saying “absolutely, I was assaulted.” Smith was allegedly placed under arrest after returning to the clubhouse. There are no further details about Smith’s father.

Talk about an all-time Monday. You’ve got three guys just grinding for a shot to qualify into a Korn Ferry event and a full-blown assault allegedly takes place before they even made the turn.

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