Golf: 8-Year-Old Prodigy Smashes A Drone Off The Tee, Has A MUCH Better Swing Than You

The great thing about a genuine ‘prodigy’ is they can pull off shots that even grown ass professionals could never dream of. It’s not that prodigies are any better than pro athletes, they’ve just got so much talent that hasn’t been refined yet and that talent occasionally manifests itself in the craziest of ways. We saw this with a young Tiger Woods who was able to juggle golf balls on his wedges forever before popping that ball up into the air and hitting it on the fly.

I’m not saying she’s the next Tiger Woods, but one of these young golf prodigies making headlines is 8-year-old Ruby Kavanagh from Australia, the #1 ranked golfer in her age group. As you can see, Ruby Kavanagh completely crushes the ball. In fact, Ruby hits the ball so hard off the tee box she completely destroys the drone you see in this video. Giving that drone a haircut which eventually sent it careening off into the dunes.

Let’s watch that highlight once more in GIF before we head out of here, shall we?


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