There’s A Pro Athlete With A Worse Golf Swing Than Charles Barkley And HOLY SHIT It Is Bad (UPDATE)

Charles Barkley’s golf swing is, by all accounts, a hilarious sack of crap. At one point in time, Chuck’s swing and game were allegedly normal, but nasty, swing-murdering thoughts crept in and Barkley has yet to recover.

But today is Barkley’s 52nd birthday (happy bday, ya bastard!) and the universe decided to give him a pretty great present. It’s not the one he wants, which, of course, is having his swing miraculously un-fucked, but it’s almost as good. What the universe did give him is the gift of another athlete with a golf swing that is even more fucked than his.

Hey, you take what you can get.

Meet James Stewart Jr., the new King of Terrible Pro Athlete Golf Swings. Stewart Jr. is a supercross star with a golf swing so bad that you have to see it yourself to understand how it has rendered me unable to find a word strong enough to describe it’s awfulness.

Warning: This is quite possibly the most vile thing you’ll ever see.

UPDATE: Upon further review (see: watching this 30 times) this can’t be real. No one sucks this bad at anything.

[H/T ESPN Golf]