Man Sets New World Record For Most Holes Of Golf Played In 12 Hours, Runs Over 60 Miles In The Process

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A 35-year-old man from Arkles Bay, Auckland, New Zealand just demolished the previous Guinness World Record for the most golf holes played in 12 hours by completing more holes than the average golfer gets in over the course of an entire year.

The previous record was set back in 2005 by a Canadian man, and Brad Liuten just bested the record by a cool 16 holes, or almost an entire extra round of golf. He also managed to run 60 miles in the process, which he was prepared for because Brad Liuten’s also a marathon runner.

Beginning at 7:40am at the Helensville Golf Club, Brad Liuten proceeded to sprint across the golf course for the next 12 hours, playing an astounding 237 holes of gold in the process, besting the previous record of 221 holes.

For those of you keeping score at home, that’s a full 13 rounds of 18 holes PLUS an additional 3 holes of golf. That more than more golf than most bros play in an entire year, maybe in two years (range work not included), and this dude played it all in just 12 hours.

Throughout the course of his record-setting 237 holes of golf he ran 60 miles, or roughly 100km during his 12-hour marathon golf session.

Here’s Brad after golfing 273 holes in just 12 hours:

This amazing world record wasn’t set just because he wanted his name in the record books, no, Brad Liuten was doing this to raise awareness for Bowel Cancer, and specifically to raise charity $$$ for Bowel Cancer NZ. Brad Liuten’s close friend died at the age of 55 after succumbing to Bowel Cancer so Brad completed this world record in honor of his late friend.

(h/t ProGolfNow via NZ Stuff)

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