Long Drive Champ Attempts To Hit The Green In One At Bay Hill’s 555-Yard Par 5 6th Hole Over The Water

World Long Drive Champion Justin James hits 555-yard par-5 in one

Golf Digest / YouTube

I play a decent amount of golf these days down in Florida. I joined a club in the past year and have been shaving strokes off my game consistently but the one area of my game where I can’t seem to find any consistency whatsoever is with the driver. I always hit it far, it’s just 50/50 on whether or not it’ll land in the fairway or flare out a hundred yards to the right.

My biggest problem with the driver is that I like to grip it and rip it. I’m not trying to step up on the tee box and hit a 220-yard drive safely in the fairway. I’m looking for 250+ on every tee box when it’s time to let the big dog eat and I think a huge reason I have this issue is that I used to watch all of those Long Drive competitions on the Golf Channel.

This dude below, World Long Drive Champion Justin James, strikes me as a kindred spirit. He doesn’t rub me as the type of dude who is okay with hitting it 225 in the fairway when he could swing the club so hard it physically hurts his body instead.

Seriously, you can actually see him wincing in pain at certain points while trying to get this ball to the green.

To be fair, and accurate, he didn’t have to hit the ball 555 yards. He teed it up from three tee boxes with the maximum carry distance being 387 yards. Still a bomb, of course, but it isn’t exactly 555 yards.

If this hole looks iconic it’s because you’ve undoubtedly seen some PGA professional blast it into the water at some point while trying to cut too much of the fairway off. I’d love to play Bay Hill at some point if I can pull that off. Orlando’s just a two-hour drive from my house and I really haven’t played all that many courses where PGA tournaments are held.

If and when I get to Bay Hill to play the course I now feel obligated to at least pull a sleeve of cheap balls out of the bag and see if I can stripe the absolute shit out of the ball and get it on the green. Why not, right?

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