Florida Golfer Gets Lucky After Shanking A Ball When An Alligator Catches It In Its Mouth During A Tournament

Water level view of a wild Alligator in Florida

iStockphoto / TACrafts

A Florida golfer caught a lucky break during a tournament last weekend after shanking a ball towards the water. As the ball was just about to enter the hazard, an alligator jumped up and saved the day.

Upon closer inspection, the golfer realized the alligator was sitting there with the golf ball in its mouth. They were even able to snap a picture of the gator on the grass with a pink golf ball between its gnarly teeth.

Had the ball entered the hazard the golfer who was playing in a tournament would’ve been hit with the typical penalty, but because this alligator grabbed the ball in its mouth the golfer was given a free drop due to interference.

“I shanked the ball to the right, and it was heading to the water,” she told the Naples Daily News. “It was close to the gator’s head. He saw it, jumped up and caught it.”

“We’ve seen them with a fish or a turtle in their mouths, but never a golf ball,” she said.

“It saved me from a hazard penalty,” she said, noting she earned a free drop due to the interference. (via)

I’ve encountered hundreds of alligators over the years here in Florida. I grew up playing on a golf course with ‘Gator’ in the name. In all those years, I’ve never seen a Chubbs-Happy Gilmore moment like there where an alligator had the balls to eat someone’s golf ball.

It’s also totally insane that this happened in a tournament and the golfer got a free drop. It could not have happened at a better time for this golfer.

(h/t FOX News)