Tennis Player Mocks Obnoxious Opponent’s Gross Grunts And Loses A Point But Wins The Internet

Robin Haase Winston-Salem Open - Day 4

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Photo by Tyler Lecka / Getty Images

The ATP Prostejov Challenger tourney is going down right now in the Czech Republic and on the last day of May, Gonzalo Lama of Chile defeated Robin Haase of the Netherlands 2 sets to none in a tennis match that saw Haase lose his cool and a point for mocking Lama’s obnoxious grunting.

I’m not a huge fan of tennis – I’ll watch if there’s nothing else on – and I’ve only been to one tourney, the US Open in 2013 or ’14, where I saw Michael Strahan flapping gums with either Dakota or Elle Fanning. One major reason I don’t follow tennis more intently is the ridiculous grunting that goes on. It was cute when it was Monica Seles, but look at what happened to her. Lady got stabbed in the back on-court.

It’s absurd that Haase gets penalized for doing EXACTLY what Lama’s doing. You wanna grunt? I got grunts on grunts on grunts, son. No other athlete in any other sport grunts like tennis players. There’s grunting in football, hockey, basketball, baseball, and it’s all very natural, organic, genuine, authentic, raw. Tennis grunts are the most fabricated, fake acts of force in the biz. Haase has every right to match Lama’s grunts with his own just to show how dumb it is. Spare me your scientific studies and analytics showing that grunting like a porn star on his sixth gang bang of the day helps your stroke.

Via The Big Lead