This Is The Most Realistic GoPro ‘Be An Hero’ Video You’ll Ever Watch



This mountain biking video has flawless editing, a perfect soundtrack, and it’s a much more realistic characterization of what life is like when you’re wearing a GoPro than 99.99% of the ‘Be An Hero’ videos out there. For ever 1 GoPro video that goes viral there are 10 million that look like the one below, one where you think the person’s going to push themselves to their limits…and they do:

Watching this video early on I really couldn’t envision any way that it would end well. That cliffside to the left is a dramatic drop off, and that’s typically a recipe for disaster when it comes to mountain biking videos. Thankfully this video didn’t have the person pulling off some ridiculously lucky stunt, instead it’s a look at what the most likely reality is when you launch your bike off the side of a mountain. That reality is, of course, tumbling down the side of the mountain and nearly breaking your neck. Anyone thinking of riding their bicycle off of a mountain while wearing a GoPro should be required to watch this video.