Bro Rides His Snowmobile Across River Rapids To Prove Once And For All That Snow Is Stupid And Unnecessary

Today I learned that you do not need snow to have fun on a snowmobile, all you need is a rushing river and some ingenuity.

Þórður Atli (yes, that’s a name) is seen here on the Ytri-Ranga river near Mt. Hekla, Iceland (seriously, what the f*ck Iceland? Your alphabet is bad and you should feel bad). Apparently Þórður got the brilliant idea to ride his snowmobile down a river by getting it up to speed and essentially taking a controlled hydroplane across Icelandic river rapids…and I’m so glad he did. Because I know a place precisely like this in upstate NY (Adirondacks) where I’m already looking forward to trying this next Summer.

Every time I see a video like this I wonder to myself ‘why don’t I own a GoPro yet?’…then I remember that whole ‘expectations vs. reality’ aspect of life: