Gracie Hunt’s Net Worth, How She Makes Her Money, And Why She’s So Famous

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Gracie Hunt, the daughter of Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt, is well on her way to becoming one of the top influencers in all of football thanks to her family and their massive net worth.

The granddaughter of Chiefs founder and Pro Football Hall of Famer Lamar Hunt and the great-granddaughter of oil tycoon H.L. Hunt, the 23-year-old has amassed almost half a million followers on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube.

Gracie currently is a NFL brand ambassador and works in public relations for the Chiefs, according to her website.

She is also pursuing her Master’s degree in sports management at the University of Kansas after graduating from Southern Methodist University.

Hunt, a very strong distance runner, also runs a non-profit organization called Breaking Barriers Through Sports and is a board member for the Special Olympics in South Texas and South Kansas.

In 2021, Gracie Hunt was named Miss Kansas USA and made it to the semifinals of the 2021 Miss USA competition.

How Gracie Hunt Makes Her Money

In addition to her family’s generational wealth (estimated to be between $2 and $3 billion), Gracie Hunt also earns income as a model, her job with the Chiefs and as a social media influencer with her own Komi hub.

It’s through those ventures and others that Gracie has reportedly put together a personal net worth of around $3 million.

Hunt, Miss Texas International in 2018 and Miss Texas Teen International in 2016, also runs her own website called Living Gracefully which is “dedicated to health and fitness, fashion, football, philanthropy, and encouraging this community to live lives full of grace and love.”

Why is Gracie Hunt So Famous?

The answer to that question is pretty obvious. However, there are a lot of children of rich and famous people who aren’t famous.

So what makes Gracie Hunt so special?

Well, for one thing, she followed in her mother Tavia’s footsteps in winning both a Miss Teen title (her mom was Miss Missouri Teen USA) as well as Miss Kansas USA 28 years prior to Gracie.

Combine that with with her family’s high profile in the world of sports, her athletic good looks (she played soccer until college) and her desire to share her life on social media and it’s no surprise that she’s popular on the internet.

Is Gracie Hunt Married or Single?

Gracie Hunt is definitely not married, but right now, based on media reports and her social media profiles, we’re not sure if Gracie Hunt has a boyfriend or not.

We also don’t know what he family’s policy is on dating NFL players.

Back in September of 2021, Chiefs’ long-snapper James Winchester went viral for gazing longingly at Gracie Hunt as she posed for a photo while on the football field sideline.

Turns out, thanks to Tavia Hunt, Gracie’s mom, commenting on Instagram, there was nothing going on there.

“Ummm….this speculation! Lol,” Tavia commented on the photo. “#41 and his sweet wife are family friends. James has been a fun sideline photo bomber for years and we have many funny pics we laugh about including some from yesterday. That’s all folks.”