Gradey Dick Divides Fans With Flashy NBA Draft Suit Inspired By ‘The Wizard Of Oz’

Kansas Jayhawks basketball player Gradey Dick

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The NBA Draft is a life-changing evening for every player that ends up hearing the commissioner call their name, and while it’s far from their first experience with the spotlight, plenty of guys have used it as an excuse to show off a little bit.

Dwayne Wade would be the first person to admit the infamously baggy suits he and other guys rocked at the 2003 NBA Draft were—as the kids say—Not It, and Paolo Banchero managed to divide plenty of people with the purple outfit he donned in 2022.

However, that sartorial decision is pretty conservative when you compare it to the route Gradey Dick opted to take in 2023.

Dick is a Kansas native who spent his one and only year in college with the Jayhawks last season.

The 6’8″ forward averaged 14.1 points per game over the course of a freshman campaign that came to an end when his team was eliminated from the NCAA Tournament in the second round, and most analysts seem to believe he’ll be selected toward the middle of the first round when everything is said and done.

Victor Wembanyama will be receiving the bulk of the attention at Barclay Center on Thursday night thanks to his ability to literally and figuratively stand out from the rest of his fellow players with the 7’5″ frame that’s allowed him to become one of the most exciting NBA prospects in recent memory.

With that said, Dick did what he could to stand out with the help of the (literally) flashy ensemble he decided to don in order to pay tribute to his roots in The Sunflower State: a shiny double-breasted red suit inspired by Dorothy’s ruby slippers in The Wizard of Oz.

It was certainly A Choice, and fans didn’t waste any time chiming in on Gradey’s look.

He may not be the top pick, but it’s hard to imagine anyone is going to top that.

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