Graham Gano Apologized To Trombonist He Shoved, Gave Him Free Tickets

by 4 years ago


Carolina Panthers kicker Graham Gano found himself in a tight spot on Sunday when he tried to get some warmup kicks in during halftime. His spot was being blown up by the Bethune-Cookman band, which was late to leave the field.

Clearly fed up with the lack of personal space, Gano shoved a trombonist out of the way in order to loosened up his right leg.

Now, this wasn’t exactly a violent attack, but Gano still felt a little bad about his actions and decided to do something about it.




What a stand-up move. Kickers aren’t just people, too, they’re better people than you and I. Put that on your shirts, Rich Eisen, if there’s room. 

Meanwhile, this this trombonist is still scoring free drinks for his memorable role in football history.

[H/T: Eye on Football]