Enormous Grander Blue Marlin Caught In Madeira Measured Over 11ft Long And 1,042-Pounds

grander blue marlin fish

iStockphoto / Kelly Dalling

The first grander blue marlin of the year was caught in Madeira, Portugal and it was an absolute behemoth of a fish. This 1,042-pound blue marlin took angler Taylor Blumer 40 minutes to get to the boat while fishing with Captain Carlos aboard the Pesca Grossa, arguably the most famous fishing vessel in Madeira and a boat that’s hauled in some legendary fish over the years.

Pelagic gear-sponsored angler Taylor Blumer was fishing with her husband Scott when this grander blue marlin popped up behind the boat in Madeira, a Portuguese island off the coast of Morocco.

First Grander Blue Marlin Of The Year Caught In Madeira, Portugal

Measuring 134 inches long, it clocked in at just over 11 feet. The girth of this fish was as massive 78-inches though the post says 39, Captain Gerard corrected in the comments that 39 is the half girth.

Capt. Gerard aboard the Pesca Grossa also shared photos and videos of this incredible grander marlin coming to the boat and hitting the scales. The fish couldn’t even get through the door on the boat:

Here is this incredible grander blue marlin hitting the scales back in Madeira after they headed in:

The island of Madeira is tiny. It has a population of just around 253,000 citizens. A fish this size weighing over 1,000 pounds will feed a LOT of locals in the coming days.

The last grander blue caught, to my knowledge, was in October of last year when one was landed in the Gulf of Mexico by a crew fishing out of Alabama. That fish was the largest ever caught in the Gulf of Mexico.

Somehow, this grander wasn’t even the most notable blue marlin caught worldwide yesterday. During the first day of the Big Rock Fishing Tournament in North Carolina, a team weighed a 504-pound blue marlin which earned them $1,729,750 on Day 1 of the tournament.