This 13-Year-Old Bro Caught The Austin Record Bass And Now Every Old Man In Texas Is Jealous

Grant Langmore has drawn the envy of every old timer in the state of Texas. At just 13-years-old, Grant Langmore’s landed the largest bass ever caught in the middle of downtown Austin. When the black bass hit the scales at 13-pounds, Grant found himself the owner of a local record that elderly men had been seeking for generations.

He’s no ordinary teenager angler. Grant Langmore and his friends have formed a fishing club, and they take fishing as seriously as any deep sea captain you’ll find. Their preferred method of bass fishing is swimbait fishing, and it startles the other locals when they see the group of 13-year-old bros tossing enormous lures into relatively small lakes. But Grant and his bros know that in order to catch the biggest fish you have to use some big ass bait.

Grant and his band of young fishing bros have become the toast of Austin overnight after he set the local record by landing a MASSIVE bass. Locals who saw him catch the fish have begun to exaggerate the size, claiming it was practically a whale. To be fair, it was a MASSIVE black bass, and it set the local Austin record at 13-pounds.

To tell Grant’s story, Yeti Coolers featured him in the latest episode of ‘Yeti Presents‘. It’s a YouTube series which focuses on men all across the globe who live a rugged lifestyle, a life that aligns with Yeti’s products. The fishing industry, after all, is the bread and butter of Yeti’s demographic. You’d think that Yeti would eventually run out of captivating stories to tell for this series but the hits keep on coming.

If you haven’t caught the previous episodes, I’d start with this captain’s obsession with tarpon fishing and afterward, I’d move onto this story about Canada’s first pro surfer who discovered killer waves on an island in the middle of nowhere.

Grant’s KILLING IT on Instagram by the way. If you want more bass fishing pictures in your feed be sure to go check out his page!