The Rate Of Domestic Violence In The NFL vs. The Regular Population (GRAPH)

The news of domestic violence from NFL players just will not stop, every day it’s something new. So the geniuses at FiveThirtyEight ran the data to see how prevalent it really is.

Below we see the prevalence of arrests in the NFL broken down by category.

So that’s all the arrests of NFL players, when taken out of context it may not look like domestic violence is that prevalent. But, when you put it in context of the greater population is when the numbers begin to paint a dark picture:

Sooo relative to the normal men in that age group NFL players are far and away most likely to commit crimes categorized as domestic violence. And that’s where we are today…

FiveThirtyEight breaks down the data:

The most common arrests among the general public are for drug-related offenses and DUIs. The most common among NFL players is DUI, with assault a distant second. Overall, NFL players’ arrest rate is just 13 percent of the national average. But this isn’t distributed evenly across crimes in the slightest.

Note that murder scores relatively high, but the raw numbers are extremely low (there are two in the database, though a third case — domestic in nature — resulted in suicide). But there are 83 domestic violence arrests, making it by far the NFL’s worst category — with a relative arrest rate of 55.4 percent.

For the full breakdown and write up you can head on over to FiveThirtyEight HERE.


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