GRAPHIC: This Is One Of The Bloodiest Athlete Injuries I’ve Ever Seen And You Shouldn’t Watch

I know today is the first Sunday of the new NFL season and they are real warriors on the field, but at least they have helmets protecting their heads. Meanwhile these maniacs playing Australian rules football are running around like runaway freight trains and colliding into one another without any protection whatsoever. AFL player Nathan Foley of the Richmond Tigers was playing in his first final against the Port Adelaide Power and it didn’t go too swimmingly. Foley was diving for the ball when he smashed his face into the knee of Port Adelaide midfielder Chad Wingard. Blood immediately pours out of his nose and soaks his jersey. I imagine Foley has a new found respect for heavy flow days. Amazingly Foley trotted off the field on his own like he was just going to grab a quick sip of Gatorade and return. If you were wondering, Foley’s Tigers got trounced by the Power so his nasty face-rearranging injury was really all for naught.