Packers Reportedly Done With Aaron Rodgers And Want To Trade Him

Aaron Rodgers throwing the football

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It appears that the Aaron Rodgers era in Green Bay is coming to an end.

On Sunday, ESPN’s Adam Schefter released a bombshell report in which he claims that sources close to the situation believe the Packers are looking to move on from Rodgers and that the QB knows about the Packers’ intentions to move him.


A scenario that once seemed unthinkable, a Rodgers trade could be driven by financial reasons, the state of the Packers franchise and ultimately the feelings of both the team and the star quarterback.

League sources are convinced the franchise prefers to move on from Rodgers, just as it once did with Brett Favre. Those sources also believe that Rodgers is well aware of the Packers’ feelings on the situation.

During an interview with Pat McAfee, Rodgers said that he would “open to all honest and direct conversations” about a trade if that’s what the Packers wanted.

According to Schefter, the Packers would likely trade Rodgers to an AFC team if they do end up trading him.

Apparently, the NY Jets are one of the teams interested in acquiring Rodgers but also have other QBs in mind.

Via CBS Sports

While the Jets will certainly take a long look at potentially trading for Rodgers, he’s not the only veteran quarterback the team is evaluating. According to sources, the Jets will be looking closely at Rodgers, Jimmy Garoppolo and Derek Carr. They won’t limit their search to just those three quarterbacks — and sources stress it’s still early in the process — but that’s where the focus will begin.

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