Watch Disgraced Former NFL Star Greg Hardy Destroy His Opponent With 15 Second KO In UFC’s Contender Series

Disgraced former Carolina Panthers/Dallas Cowboys star Greg Hardy, who had his NFL career derailed due to his involvement in a disturbing domestic violence incident with his then girlfriend in 2014, continues making significant progress on his journey towards making it onto a UFC roster.

Tonight, Hardy straight up destroyed his opponent and KOed him in 15 seconds on tonight’s episode of UFC’s Contender Series.

Could you imagine being a professional fighter, training for years for a moment like this, and then getting embarrassed in 15 seconds by a former NFL player who just took up the sport 14 seconds ago? That’s what happened to this dude.

Watch the fun unfold here.

To liken Hardy’s fighting style to a rabid pit bull would be an insult to Hardy. Dude just comes at you without mercy.

So impressive. Here is another look at it.

Despite his controversial past UFC President Dana White believes Hardy deserves a second shot and is willing to put him on the roster if he continues impressing on the Contender series.

Via Bloody Elbow

“I guess he had a real bad drug and alcohol problem. Started to get into MMA. Cleaned himself up. If you talk to anybody he trains with, male or female, they say that he’s a very good guy. He’s very humble. Everybody deserves a second chance. And the guy was never charged with anything, he was never sentenced or anything like that. We’re going to give him a shot.

Glad to see Hardy is clean and sober. And I bet everyone with a financial stake in the UFC is glad to see it too. This guy is going to put some butts in the seats.

However, we might not see Hardy on a main card for a while.

According to ESPN’s Ariel Helwani, the UFC will probably have Hardy fight a few more times before he’s put on the main roster.

What a shame. Until then, he will just keep racking up his body count. Fifteen seconds at a time.