Greg Hardy Got Into A Verbal Altercation With A Teammate Who Called Him A Woman Beater


Kim Klement/USA Today Sports

Greg Hardy is suspended until Thanksgiving but that doesn’t mean he’s not already making an impact on his new team.

For example he contributed today by reportedly getting into a fight with teammate Devon Coleman.

The dispute between Hardy and Coleman arose from Hardy’s questioning Coleman’s effort during conditioning drills, a source said. The situation escalated when, according to a source, Coleman took a dig at Hardy’s domestic violence issues.

“[Coleman] called him a woman beater,” the source said.

Coleman’s agent, Michael Loeffler, confirmed there was a confrontation between Hardy and his client, though Loeffler said it was only a verbal argument and not a physical fight. Sources said teammates got in between the two players before the argument could escalate.

So, yeah. Tony Romo’s Super Bowl promise is looking hot early.

[H/T: Fox Sports]

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