The Gregory Brothers Songify Tom Brady’s DeflateGate With ‘Those Balls Are Perfect’ Auto-Tune

by 5 years ago

Thankfully the DeflateGate scandal only has a couple more days of testicle puns and media coverage. I have vowed that this is the last time that I write an article about DeflateGate (Hopefully).

The Gregory Brothers, the best auto-tune music producers on the Internet, have taken on the overplayed Ballghazi controversy and created a very entertaining song about Tom Brady’s love for balls. Taking audio from Brady’s press conferences these auto-tune experts created a wonderful ballad about balls titled, “Those Balls Are Perfect.” I pray that this is a delightful farewell to the #DeflateGate nonsense, but sadly I think that’s asking too much.

Meanwhile die-hard New England Patriots fans believe that Tom Brady has a beautiful singing voice and would buy an entire album sung by him so he could serenade them to sleep with a lullaby every night.

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