A VERY Hyped Gronk Got Involved In Another WWE Match And Used Beer To Help His Bro Win

Fresh off spending the weekend partying in Las Vegas with his buddy Mojo Rawley and a bunch of bikini babes, Gronk showed up to help his best bro in his match against Jinder Mahal on Smackdown Live Tuesday night.

You may recall that it was Jinder Mahal that Gronkowski went full Gronk on in the ring at WrestleMania 33 so there is already “bad blood” between the two.

So naturally, when Mahal wanted some payback on Mojo Rawley Tuesday night, Gronk simply had to be there to show his support. Turns out he ended up doing even more than that though as he once again got involved in the match, this time using beer as a weapon.


Here’s an extended look…

No way Gronk doesn’t end up wrestling in the WWE full-time before this decade comes to an end.