Gronk Says That He ‘Definitely Gets Bored’ Having All That Sex With Beautiful Women

Do you know how you know when scoring with chicks comes way too easy for you? When you say that having sex with beautiful women can definitely get boring.

However, this is something that only men like Rob Gronkowski would know about, because that’s what he said and I can’t begin to fathom what that feels like.

At least that’s what he told GQ, the same folks who had him showing his junk to SI Swimsuit model Hailey Clauson.

I ask Gronk if it ever gets boring. Having random sex with beautiful women. If he ever gets bored with being the object of female affection. Hahahahaha, he laughs. “Depends. Sometimes if you’re getting too much of it, having everyone come up to you every night, you definitely get bored of it. But it’s pretty wild when it happens. I’m not gonna lie — 98 percent of the time, no matter where we go, it happens. It’s literally been like that since the fourth grade. Wherever we roll, it didn’t really matter, chicks would come to me no matter what. Even before anything. But a lot of the time when it doesn’t happen, you have more fun, anyway, because you can hang out with your boys.”

Then I ask him what his signature sex move is. Why? I don’t know, really. I thought it was funny. “Hmm.” He thinks for a while. Then he has an idea. “Jacking off!” He loves that. “You gotta write that one! That was great.”

Oh yeah, he also shared what his favorite beverage is…

I don’t drink because I like the taste. Beer is nasty. I would never sit there and have a beer with dinner — it would ruin my whole meal. I drink to have fun, to feel good, to get tipsy. But my drink of choice is vodka and water. Vodka and water, with a lemon or a splash of cranberry. But it puts the water in you while you’re drinking. Vodka water, so you’re getting your fluids.

No beer? Gronk… c’mon man. I guess dude isn’t perfect after all.

That being said, we still want to party with him…


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